Become an affiliate?

Do you have a website or are you already a customer and do you think you can make many friends a member of Newsgrabber and do you want to earn money? We offer you the opportunity to become an Affiliate.

After you have created an account, go to the Support Desk and create a ticket there. The title of the ticket must be “Affiliate application” and in the application you must include your account name and possibly a link to your website. After approval by an admin you will find a new option in your account area called “Affiliates area” and if you click on that link you will find text links and banners that you can use. You just copy the html code that starts with < <a and ends with a>>
Every visitor who enters through your link will be linked to your account and if he or she takes a paid account within 14 days, 10% of the paid amount will be credited to your balance. You will receive an email from every sale and you can view all clicks and sales in the affiliates section. A unique visitor is someone who comes to our site via an affiliate link but may not be the affiliate itself, false accounts are excluded from payment.

Once a month we will transfer the outstanding amount to the account you have chosen (we do keep a minimum amount of 10 euros before we proceed to pay out).

Have fun recruiting.

The Newsgrabber Sales Team