Usenet Night


The ideal package for the Usenet user that has a “extreme fast” speed internet connection.

With this package you have full access to our servers with a maximum speed up to 800 MBit/s during nighttime (22.00 – 08.00).

During the time of your subscription you can use our system during nighttime with a unlimited amount of data-usage (according to AUP).


  • 800 Mbit/s Connectionspeed (800 Mbit = 100,00 megabyte per second or 100000 kb/s)
  • Unlimited access from 22.00 till 08.00 (AUP)
  • Current retention see “ANNOUNCEMENTS AND RETENTION”
  • 45 connections
  • Free SSL


1 month : € 3.25

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Important: After your payment always return to the website to log in to be sure that your order is finished and activated correctly!